Making the best of traffic violations

//Making the best of traffic violations

Making the best of traffic violations

Pennsylvania has strict penalties for traffic violations. Multiple infractions can sometimes lead to accumulating points on your driving record. An accumulation of points or some violations alone can lead to a driver’s license suspension. Additionally, you could likely see an increase in your automobile insurance premium.

At Personal Law, we work with individuals who have been charged with violations that include, but are not limited to, careless driving, hit and run offenses, DUI offenses and speeding tickets. Some people attempt to navigate through the system on their own and end up pleading guilty to charges which have hidden penalties and consequences. Our defense attorneys understand how to manage the best possible outcome to help our client’s avoid the potential consequences of traffic violations.

Driving is a very important privilege. You simply cannot afford to have your license jeopardized. Call 724-375-6683, or email me at for a free consultation to know your rights and to have them protected.

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