Proven Results

We are recognized for our experience and success in all types of legal matters. Since 1958, we have secured tens of millions of dollars for Beaver, Allegheny, Butler and surrounding county residents who were injured due to car accidents, workplace accidents, dog bites, slip-and-fall incidents, and additional circumstances.

Team Approach

When we take on your case, you do not just receive a lawyer. We employ a team approach that maximizes our ability to serve you. Every personal injury client is assigned two or more lead attorneys who work on your case, guide you through the legal process, and represent you during settlement negotiations and in court. We also work with physicians, building code experts, auto accident investigators, and additional leading experts who can testify about the causes and extent of your injuries.

Client Service Is Our Priority

We believe in providing personal service to our clients and know undertaking a lawsuit whether in personal injury or any practice area can sometimes be a daunting process. The attorneys at McMillen Urick Tocci Jones understand the importance of a strong attorney-client relationship and are committed to supporting you every step of the way. We meet with clients on a regular basis and promptly reply to all emails and phone calls. We treat all our clients like people, not just cases.

We Treat Every Case Like It Is Going to Trial

Lawyers who work on contingency fees have an economic incentive to resolve cases as quickly as possible. Some attorneys might even encourage a client to accept a low settlement offer just to avoid a time-consuming court trial. We take the opposite approach at McMillen Urick Tocci Jones. We treat every case like it is going to trial. While we will negotiate with insurance companies, if a settlement offer is not fair to our client, we welcome the opportunity to resolve the matter in court.

High Profile Experience

Since opening our doors in 1958, we have grown to be the largest law firm in Beaver County. Serving clients in Beaver County and surrounding areas, we have worked on some of the biggest legal issues the region has seen, including the US Air Flight 427 crash that killed 132 people and the hepatitis outbreak at Chi-Chi’s that killed four people and sickened 650 others. Additionally, we handle a variety of other legal matters, including workers’ compensation and social security law, family law, wills and estates and criminal defense.

Hometown Advantage

We do not just work in Beaver County, we live here, too. We are dedicated to the community and are privileged to be legal counsel to several townships, boroughs, and local government entities by helping make our community’s roads, shops, and workplaces a little safer. With 60 years of experience representing clients throughout the region, we know the cities, boroughs and townships, we know the courts, and we know how to win jury trials.