Child Custody

Our family law attorneys provide compassionate support for individuals facing the emotionally charged issues pertaining to children. Every situation requires unique solutions and our attorneys work to find creative custody solutions that satisfy both parents and serve the best interest of the children. We can help you find the best solution for your family and if we cannot agree then we will fight for you in court to persuade the Judge based on the law.

Does a child custody arrangement always require a court order?

No. If the parties can reach an agreement regarding custody and visitation, a court order is not required, but recommended by us.

How are custody matters decided?

When the parties (parents, grandparents, etc.) are unable to agree on a child custody arrangements then the courts decides what is in the child’s best interest and welfare after a full hearing. The judge weighs numerous factors, after hearing testimony from witnesses, viewing evidence and even speaking with the children. We work diligently on your behalf to make sure the Court hears all of the relevant evidence to support your position.

Is the mother more likely to get custody?

No. In Pennsylvania, judges are not permitted to consider gender when making custody decisions. The judge may consider who was the child’s primary caretaker but the judge must consider other evidence in framing an Order that is in the child’s best interest.

What if one parent plans to relocate the child from their current home?

Before relocating a child, permission from the other guardian/parent is needed or Court approval is required. If the parents cannot reach an agreement, a hearing on the matter must be requested and after full hearing the Court can give permission for relocation. We can help you determine what rights you have when relocation is requested and help you through the process and trial.

How can McMillen Urick Tocci & Jones help me?

We have decades of experience finding solutions that provide children with meaningful contact with both parents, grandparents, etc. We understand the law and how family courts operate. We strive to resolve these issues amicably and with as little emotional impact on the children as possible. We are always mindful of what is best for your family.