Bad Faith Insurance

When an insurance company violates the provisions of its own policy contracts, a policyholder can sue for damages.

What does it mean for an insurance company to act on “Bad Faith”?

Any time that an insurance company refuses to fairly and timely compensate you for a valid claim, the company is acting in bad faith.

What are examples of bad faith insurance?

Sometimes insurance companies will deny a claim without cause or without even investigating the claim.

Bad faith insurers might misrepresent your policy terms and try to pressure you into settling for less money than you’re entitled to.

The insurer may be slow to return phone calls and even slower to process paperwork. Insurance companies or agents might ignore you altogether or create obstacles that make it impossible to meet time-sensitive deadlines.

There are many different ways that insurance companies can act in bad faith, and unless an attorney intervenes, the end result is the often same—customers who faithfully paid their insurance premiums are left with virtually nothing in their time of need.

How can McMillen Urick Tocci & Jones help me with Bad Faith Insurance?

We have decades of experience forcing bad faith insurers to live up to the terms of their customers’ policies.

Often, a single phone call from one of our attorneys will get your claim back on track. But we are fully prepared to take all available legal action—including going to court—to ensure that you receive a fair resolution.

What types of Bad Faith Insurance cases do you accept?

In nearly 60 years, we have helped clients find fair resolutions to every imaginable type of insurance case. Many of our clients come to us for help after experiencing difficulty or delay with:

  • Motorists insurance (including uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist claims)
  • Medical insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Homeowners insurance (including fires and floods)
  • Business insurance

How much will it cost for McMillen Urick Tocci & Jones to take on my case?

We offer free initial consultations on all accident and injury-related insurance claims. When we take on your case, you pay nothing unless we obtain a recovery for you.