A pipeline company offered me money for use of land. What should I do?

Contact our attorneys to review any offer that you receive. Pipelines are critical to the oil and gas industry and have a significant impact on the use of your land. You need the advice of our pipeline lawyers to ensure that any documents you sign are in your best interest and that you are paid fair value.

An oil and gas company offered me money for a lease. What should I do?

Oil and gas leases are highly technical and have the potential to affect title to your property for decades. We have years of negotiating with Beaver County oil and gas developers. By yourself, you will never have the advantage when it comes to negotiating a fair deal, but our experienced attorneys put you on level footing.

A company offered to buy my oil and gas rights. What should I do?

The offer might sound fair. It might even seem generous. But when you sell your subsurface oil and gas rights you lose all rights to future royalties and payments. You may also unknowingly lose certain surface rights. Our attorneys understand the importance and value of surface and sub-surface rights and will give you the advice you need.

What can you do for me?

Our attorneys have years of experience representing local residents in negotiations with national and international energy firms. We know the players and we get results.

Oil and gas companies and their landmen work for the industry and some may tell you anything to get your signature on an agreement. Signing that agreement may have consequences you never imagined. The industry representatives negotiate for a living and know how to get what they want. You are at a serious disadvantage without our legal guidance.

As your attorneys, we will not allow oil and gas or pipeline companies to get the upper hand in making decisions that will affect you, your family, your land and your future income.

How can McMillen Urick Tocci and Jones help me?

Our qualified oil and gas and landowner rights attorneys will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that all crucial questions are addressed, such as:

  • Which oil or gas company should I sign with?
  • How will the company calculate royalty payments?
  • What deductions will the company take from my royalties?
  • Will fluctuating market prices impact the amount of money that I receive?
  • What will be my tax liability?
  • Am I giving up surface rights, too?
  • Who is responsible for damage to my property?
  • Am I getting a signing bonus and is the offer fair?
  • What happens if my water or land is negatively impacted?
  • What things have I not thought of that may be more important than money?

What if I have already signed a lease or pipeline agreement?

We can advise of the consequences of what you signed and whether you may still be able to negotiate terms of surface use including future facilities and pipelines on your property.