Child Sexual Abuse

When a child is sexually abused, the physical and emotional scars they endure are lasting. Child sexual abuse survivors sometimes spend years hiding what happened. Confusion, anger, fear, shame, and a host of other emotional harms can make it difficult to even admit abuse occurred and too often abuse is never reported.

As attorneys—and as parents ourselves—we have the experience, sensitivity and compassion needed to explain and pursue legal options that are available to child sexual abuse survivors.

Why is it difficult to hold child sexual abusers liable for their actions?

In Pennsylvania, child sexual abuse survivors have until age 30 to file a civil lawsuit and until age 50 to pursue criminal charges.

This means that sexual predators—and their enablers—can sometimes avoid punishment for what they inflict on young children.

Many times, sexual abuse survivors don’t realize until later in life how profoundly their abuser has damaged them. Some survivors repress the worst memories or can only recall fragments of what happened. That is why, whatever course you take, it is better to clearly understand your legal options now and make an informed decision rather than wait until the statute of limitations prevents you from presenting a legal claim.

I’m an abuse victim, but I’m older than 30. What should I do?

Please contact the lawyers of McMillen Urick Tocci Jones so that your legal options can be fully explained and considered.

In 2018, a grand jury recommended that Pennsylvania revise its laws to extend the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse civil claims. If our state legislature follows through with that change, you will want to be prepared if a claim can be presented.

Who can be held liable for child sexual abuse?

The person who physically committed the abuse is responsible for his or her actions and civil liability can extend to other parties who enabled or failed to prevent the abuse.

This could include churches, daycare centers, youth organizations, school districts, or foster care agencies. These types of organizations have an obligation to take measures to prevent child sexual abuse and failure to do so can make them liable.

Taking legal action against all parties liable for child sexual abuse, allows you to:

  1. Hold those responsible accountable
  2. Help prevent future abuse of others
  3. Take important steps towards closure
  4. Provide financial resources to assist with counseling and support

How much is my case worth?

While each client’s situation is unique, our policy is to pursue maximum compensation in all child sexual abuse cases.

The exact dollar value of your case will depend on the specifics of your situation, but in general, child sexual abuse suits often seek compensation for tangible costs like medical bills, therapy costs, and lost wages, in addition to non-economic damages like pain, suffering, emotional distress, and future consequences of the injury.

I’m an abuse victim, but I’m not sure I want to re-live what happened.

We understand that some child sexual abuse survivors are reluctant to revisit their trauma, no matter what the potential compensation. That is why we provide free, discreet consultations for sex abuse cases. Our experienced attorneys would be happy to meet with you in confidence, at your convenience, and discuss your case.

We treat sex abuse cases with extreme sensitivity and we always respect the wishes of the victim. Even if you do not file a civil suit now, you will want to understand your future options and how to avoid being pressured into a signing a non-disclosure agreement that could force you to remain silent.

How much will it cost to hire McMillen Urick Tocci & Jones?

In child sexual abuse cases, our clients pay nothing unless we obtain a financial recovery for them.