Inadequate Security

If a business fails to protect you from harm caused by others you may have a claim for your injuries. In general, businesses have a legal responsibility to provide for reasonable security for people visiting their premises.

When a business neglects to provide proper security, patrons can be seriously injured. Examples include:

Overserved bar patrons starting fights or trying to drive home • Poor crowd control at a sporting event leading to violence • An intruder gaining access to a dorm room, apartment, or hotel • Retail stores in dangerous areas not taking basic security precautions • Bar security personnel injuring patrons • Security guards failing to intervene during muggings or assaults

How do I know if I have an Inadequate Security Claim?

When evaluating inadequate security cases, we help victims identify all of the factors that contributed to their injuries.

For example, if you were assaulted in a mall parking lot, we would investigate whether there was there was prior criminal activity in the area and whether the property owner took reasonable security precautions in response to that activity. Or if an intoxicated bar patron injured you, we would examine the history of criminal activity, violence, or complaints at that establishment, investigate its bartender hiring and training practices, and scrutinize its security personnel screening and training measures.

What damages can I seek if I am injured due to inadequate security?

We always pursue the maximum possible compensation for our personal injury clients. In cases of inadequate security, damages might include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

What if I cannot afford a lawyer?

We offer free initial consultations to all injury victims. When we meet, we will review your case and outline your legal options at no cost.