Have you been charged, but not convicted of a crime? If you were charged with a crime to which the charges were dismissed, or alternatively, to which you were found not guilty, you may be entitled to expungement of those charges. In Pennsylvania, a person has the right to have non-conviction data expunged when a Court Order requires it.

Alternatively, have you been convicted of a crime? Pennsylvania now provides for the opportunity to have your criminal record expunged or “clean slated” in certain circumstances. Those convicted of summary offenses may petition to expunge his or her record if he or she has been arrest free for five (5) years. Further, those convicted of misdemeanor offenses may be able to petition the Court to limit access to that conviction. Under Pennsylvania law, if you have your charges expunged or access limited to your record, absent a few exceptions, you may respond to an inquiry of your past criminal record as if the offense did not occur. Limiting the dissemination of your conviction and expunging your criminal record assists in your future employment and education opportunities.

At our firm, we work closely with those who have been charged or convicted with crimes in expunging or limiting access to his or her criminal record. Before your next job interview or application for schooling, contact us to discuss your options.