two cars in collision on roadLegislation was recently introduced in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to increase minimum auto insurance limits required for Pennsylvania registered automobiles, a much needed and long overdue change. Currently, minimum limits in Pennsylvania require $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident for liability coverage and $5,000 in medical coverage, requirements that were set in the 1970’s. The proposed change would require $30,000 per person/$60,000 per accident for liability coverage, and $15,000 for medical coverage. Increased minimum auto insurance coverage limits will protect drivers and injured victims alike. Minimum amounts currently in place are clearly insufficient to cover most car accident injuries. Often the entire recovery goes towards medical bills with little to nothing left for pain, suffering or wage loss. In many minimal coverage cases innocent accident victims are left without adequate compensation and driver’s homes, bank accounts, and other assets are put at risk if they cause an accident. Nearly every other state has increased minimum auto coverage requirements since original enactment of auto insurance laws, some twice. There is no evidence that insurance rates will significantly increase along with the proposed change. Since 2007 Twelve (12) other states have increased limits and Four (4) actually saw a decrease in premiums. The other Eight (8) had only a negligible increase averaging $14 or 3%. Insurance premiums in Pennsylvania already increase 4.8% annually without providing increased protection. We have allowed Pennsylvania insurers to collect higher premiums year in and year out, while consumers have been plagued with the same minimal protection year after year. It is time for an increase in minimum auto insurance limits to provide important protection to Pennsylvanians and we should all encourage and support our legislators in making this change.